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SSG Natural stone quarrying

Whether in Berlin, London or Dubai – the SSG Solnhofen Stone Group is active worldwide. In the mining areas in the Bavarian Altmühltal, we have four state-of-the-art production plants and a large number of our own quarries, which meet the strictest ecological requirements with a view to the sustainable use of natural raw materials.

As co-initiators of the environmental pact, we are also committed to nature conservation-friendly stone mining and species protection in our region.

The SSG Solnhofen Stone Group is one of the leading natural stone manufacturers in Germany and sees itself as a quality market leader in this segment. Concentrated know-how, competent adviceright from the start and a high-quality selection of natural stones and fine stoneware for many different applications; from the floor slab to the wall covering, from the kitchen worktop to the window sill, from the washstand to the shower tray, from the facade to the stone carving. SSG’s natural stones are in great demand all over the world and are used in many famous buildings.

With over 150 years of experience, our own quarries and the latest technical know-how, almost any natural stone idea can be implemented for you. The specialty of SSG are complex projects with high-tech demands.

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Our Stones

In our own quarries, we obtain the raw material for the fascinating end products, which we refine and further process in our in-house processing plants. With a click on the respective pictures you get more detailed information.