Outstanding ecological balance
environmentally friendly, stable in value, healthy living

Natural stones such as SOLNHOFEN Natural Stone or MAXBERG® Jura-limestone have been created over the course of millions of years and are still being made. This is what “Mother Nature” does, the supply of artificial energy is not necessary. As natural building materials, they do not contain any harmful substances. Limestones are made from biomass and are therefore completely free of radiation. Nothing is lost in the entire cycle of extraction, processing and recycling. Even among natural stones, SOLNHOFEN Natural Stone is also outstanding from an ecological point of view. The energy consumption for the extraction is extremely cheap (handcrafted by chopping master), the surfaces are often used even as natural cleft, the processing is simple. The ecological balance is therefore completely positive. A stable, healthy building material that protects the environment.

The service life and durability of SOLNHOFEN Natural Stone and MAXBERG® Jura-limestone is extremely long. While many building materials become more and more unsightly over the years, real stones often gain additional charm through their natural patina. In addition, most natural stones can be cleaned or sanded and thus brought back to almost their original condition.

A study on the sustainability and energy efficiency of natural stone facades

A study by PE International, a recognized team of experts for questions of sustainability, confirms the excellent ecological balance of the natural stone facade. The natural stone facade has clear ecological advantages over the entire life cycle of the building. The high insulation effect of the rear-ventilated curtain wall leads to significantly reduced heat losses in winter and less cooling requirements in summer. The natural stone facade does not only score better than comparable facades in terms of primary energy consumption, but also in terms of the greenhouse effect. This facade study can be downloaded from SSG.

The SSG engagement in the environmental pact

TheSSG group of companies is committed to environmental protection and the reduction of the greenhouse effect, not only in the company, but also beyond. For example, the SSG is involved in the co-founded environmental pact for the Altmühltal, which is committed to protecting species and creating biotopes. Targeted measures create valuable biotopes, especially in disused quarries.