Basic philosophy and mission


Climate protection

Taking responsibility, rethinking and changing production processes with regard to the environment. We take this responsibility seriously.

Entrepreneurial activity is always associated with the consumption of resources. In particular, the consumption of non-renewable energy sources leads to CO2 emissions and changes our climate worldwide. In addition, the stocks of some fossil fuels (mineral oil, natural gas) are only available to a very limited extent. This gives us the obligation to keep the consumption of energy resources as low as possible and to use these resources as efficiently as possible.

The continuous improvement of all company processes is an integral part of our company philosophy. With the energy management system according to DIN EN ISO 50001, we focus on the aspect of optimizing the energy efficiency of our company processes and take our social responsibility for climate protection seriously.

What have we achieved so far?

Since the introduction of our energy management system, we have been able to improve our energy efficiency significantly. We were able to achieve this improvement in particular through the following projects:

Partial conversion of the lighting technology to LED

Renewal of the compressed air compressors at the Solnhofen and Gundelsheim locations

Retrofitting of speed controls on electric drives

Raising employees’ awareness of energy-conscious behavior

Our next project ideas

Use of energy-efficient drives for new acquisitions and replacement measures

Expansion of the photovoltaic systems