MAXBERG® Jura-Kalkstein
One of the most popular German natural stone classics

Jura-Limestone is more in demand than ever because of its warm colour, its prehistoric inclusions and its special resilience. Ideal for all natural stone applications outside and inside, also for natural stone facades.

The SSG Solnhofen Stone Group has a large number of its own quarries and therefore also has the widest selection of Jura limestones and varieties.

In contrast to SOLNHOFEN natural stone, MAXBERG® Jura-Limestone occurs in meter-thick layers (benches), which is why large-format slabs are possible at any time, as are voluminous solid parts.

For the SSG Solnhofen Stone Group, MAXBERG® Jura Limestone is also the starting material for sophisticated facades. This high-quality natural material is valued and used worldwide. Our MAXBERG® Jurassic Limestone is used from Dubai to the most famous airports and buildings in the world.

Of course, MAXBERG® Jura-Limestone is also used in commercial areas and private households. From the floor to the walls and entire bathrooms – the MAXBERG® Jura-Limestone cuts a fine figure everywhere and gives the room that certain extra.

The Maxberg Jura-Limestone in its color facets
Here we show you the six different types of basic stones of the Maxberg. Click on the title to get more detailed information and surface treatments.

MAXBERG® Jura-Limestone Prestige®

MAXBERG® Jura-Limestone beige

MAXBERG® Jura-Limestone beige-banded

MAXBERG® Jura-Limestone beige upper layer

MAXBERG® Jura-LImestone grey

MAXBERG® Jura-Limestone grey upper layer