SOLNHOFEN Natural Stone
The most legendary limestone in the world

This natural stone legend impresses with its fascinating aesthetics, consistent ecology and excellent litho quality. Ideal for floor coverings and stairs in all indoor areas. Exclusive German natural stone rarity for lovers.

The world-famous SOLNHOFEN natural stone slabs are currently experiencing a renaissance. This is due to the unsurpassed combination of fascinating aesthetics, consistent ecology and convincing economic efficiency. The most legendary limestone in the world is also the hardest and densest, the only natural stone in lithographic quality.

Ideal floor and wall covering
The naturally beautiful tiles are an ideal floor and wall covering in high-quality interiors: heat-storing, abrasion-resistant, non-slip and absolutely radiation-free. Due to its extreme durability, Solnhofen natural stone is just as ideal for private houses as it is for public and commercial buildings.

Manual work
The SOLNHOFEN natural stone was formed as sedimentary rock in a blue lagoon about 150 million years ago. It was dismantled by the Romans 2000 years ago and used as a high-quality building material. The environmentally friendly extraction of the heavily layered stone is still done by hand til today. The processing is also easy, the ecological balance is therefore excellent – even in comparison with other natural stones.

The SOLNHOFEN natural stone in use
Below you will find a few nice examples of the use of natural stone and what other alternatives are available.

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