SOLNHOFEN Natural Stone at a glance

SOLNHOFENER natural stone Limestone slabs were designed by nature to be unique in their rough surface: through different color spectrums from beige to brown, through fern-like dendrites or through valuable fossils. Colloquially, the natural stone is also often referred to as Solnhofener slabs. SOLNHOFEN natural stone is the hardest limestone in the world.

Each plate is a real one-off and creates a unique flair in every area of application. Whether private or commercial – the SOLNHOFENER natural stone can be used in many ways.

SOLNHOFEN Natural Stone

surfaces and formats

Surfaces: Four different surfaces (see images)

Formats:Different square formats as well as web lengths and widths

Edges: Sawn, rasped or hand-edged, different edge profiles for stairs

Due to the wide range of possibilities, beautiful web connections, offset patterns or Roman connections and much more can be created.

Application areas:

Public buildings and private applications

Flooring (kitchen, bathroom, entrance areas, etc.)

wall covering

stair steps

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The surface treatments

SOLNHOFEN Natural stone natural cleft

SOLNHOFEN Natural stone natural cleft + slightly honed

SOLNHOFEN Natural stone ARELIA® natural cleft + brushed

SOLNHOFEN Natural stonehoned