SOLNHOFEN Natural Stone
The most legendary limestone in the world

This natural stone legend impresses with its fascinating aesthetics, consistent ecology and excellent litho quality. Ideal for floor coverings and stairs in all indoor areas. Exclusive German natural stone rarity for lovers.

SOLNHOFEN Natural Stone

Occurrence and Origin

Solnhofener Plattenkalk occurs in the region around Solnhofen. It was formed by layers of deposits in lagoons that were periodically flooded with fresh water from the sea in the Upper Jurassic period (approx. 150 million years). In these lagoons the salinity was significantly higher; As a result, dead animals and plants do not decompose and details are preserved as fossils.

SOLNHOFEN Natural Stone

Extraction and processing

Already 2000 years ago, the SOLNHOFEN natural stone was mined by hand by the Romans and used as a high-quality building material. The environmentally friendly extraction of the heavily layered stone is still done by hand til today. Due to the layering of the stone slabs, the use of heavy technology is impossible. Therefore, similar to the Romans, the valuable plates are still extracted by hand with a hammer and chisel.

SOLNHOFEN Natural Stone


A product made from 100% biomass, mined by hand. Free from radiation and chemicals, the SOLNHOFEN natural stone has an excellent ecological balance. The first choice for builders who value sustainability and environmental awareness and have a sense of beauty.

The world-famous SOLNHOFENER natural stone slabs are currently experiencing a renaissance. This is due to the unsurpassed combination of fascinating aesthetics, consistent ecology and convincing economic efficiency. SOLNHOFEN natural stone is also the hardest limestone in the world and therefore also suitable for heavily used surfaces. With the invention of lithography in 1798, the SOLNHOFEN natural stone suddenly became world famous and is still used by artists for prints today.

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