SOLKER® Ceramics
ceramics inspired by nature

Perfectly modeled on nature.

Fine ceramics in a fascinating look. It impresses with its unique appearance and indestructible resistance. Unique designer fine ceramics – ideal to combine with Solnhofen Natural Stone


Inspired by nature

The world-famous Solnhofen Natural Stone plates are currently experiencing a renaissance. However, large-format panels are extremely difficult to make from the natural material. Our SOLKER fine stoneware offers an alternative here. The hard-wearing fine ceramic slabs can hardly be distinguished from the original Solnhofen natural stone. Formats up to 90 x 90 offer creative freedom.

Ideal floor and wall covering

indoor and outdoor

Public, commercial and private use

Slip-resistant (R10), anti-static, hard-wearing and absolutely environmentally friendly. Due to its extreme durability, our Solker ceramics is suitable for all areas.

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Inspired by the original
The Solnhofen Natural Stone has unique design characteristics worldwide. Our SOLKER fine stoneware has the same characteristics and brings the natural charm of the optics into your home. Our panels have a hard surface and low abrasion. They are weather, frost and acid resistant and are therefore also ideal for use in the commercial sector.